About GHUK

Growth Hack UK presents Bedfordshire's premier Growth Hacking and Business Mastermind workshop. Limited to 8 attendees who are all SME business owners, you will be taking a few hours away from your clients to work on your business not in your business.

How it works

The workshop is split in to three sections; a business mastermind, lunch and a growth hacking session. Whatever you can do in 1 hour to benefit your business you do, and it's done before you leave! If you need help to get it done you have people around that can help you right there and then. In return you help people in the group trying to do something you already know how to do.









Our events

The next events in Bedford are listed below, click one to secure a place. Your own business deserves your attention once in a while.

All workshops are 3 hours long, cost just £6 and include lunch and refreshments.

Growth Hacking and Business Mastermind workshop

24th August 2017 (11am to 2pm)

Bring your business problems and share them with the group mastermind to leave with 14 ideas and perspectives on how you can solve them. Listen to the problems that other business owners are facing and share your experience and ideas to help them. Somebody else has probably solved the problems you face and knows how to get the most of the opportunities you have, so get a short-cut to success from the collective group experience.

BOOK: £6 (includes lunch)

Growth Hacking and Business Mastermind workshop
26th October 2017

Discuss what your business does and let the group ask you questions about it. Let them come up with ideas on things you can do to grow your business, improve sales, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Often these are things you haven't even thought about! Get a fresh unbiased perspective on what's holding you back. In return you listen and learn about the businesses of the other group members and give your thoughts and suggestions on things they can do to help them.

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Growth Hacking and Business Mastermind workshop
28th September 2017

Bring one secret that has helped your business and share it with the group, and in return leave with 14 other secrets that you can use to propel and grow your business quickly in new and exciting ways.

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Growth Hacking and Business Mastermind workshop
23rd November 2017

After the discussion, everybody in the group decides one thing they could do in just 1 hour to benefit their business there and then, and they work on it for immediate results. Try a suggestion made by somebody in the mastermind. Maybe you need to

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